The Exoshot from Progressive Medical Solutions is the next wave of natural, pharmaceutical grade, exosome based regenerative Stem Cell therapies that brings unprecedented healing and wellness to a broad range of health challenges and diseases processes. The Exoshot also provides a diverse number of applications for use in cosmetic procedures including skin rejuvenation and hair growth

This is a very exciting time in medicine, where we can treat medical conditions rather than just manage the symptoms and watch them progress. At Progressive Medical Solutions we are committed to we are committed to providing the highest quality most effective exsomes product available, “ The Exoshot” along with unprecedented customer service and clinical support.

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Learn how to integrate Exosomes into your practice with the Exoshot.


Exosomes are the next wave in the stem cell landscape. Cell products, without the cells themselves, are at the leading edge of regenerative medicine

Exosomes are very important in regenerative medicine. Exosomes are tiny vesicles, or packets, carrying all of the important information of the cell. They are released from stem cells and transfer all of the information to other cells. They are critical to the proliferation of healthy cells. It is believed that the regeneration of healthy tissue is not a direct result of the stem cells, but rather the exosomes left behind, that transfers the information from one cell to another.

Exosomes are 100nm lipid vesicles that are secreted by many cell types and contain growth factors and growth factor messenger RNA required for cell growth and regenerative medicine outcomes.

Regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy allows the human body to naturally heal. It stimulates healthy cell growth and regenerates healthy tissue.

The myriad of conditions that can be helped with stem cell therapy is almost limitless, because Exosomes encourage the body to regenerate healthy tissue and heal.


  • Can travel via systematic therapy without risk of clumping
  • Can travel via local therapy
  • Cross the “Blood-Brain Barrier”
  • Deliver miRNA and mRNA
  • Can home
  • Not perceived as foreign
  • No first-pass lung removal as in MSC’s
  • Can not transdifferentiate into other cells or into malignant cells
  • Easy to administer, store, freeze (Out of the box stem cell therapy!)
  • Easily controlled dosage
  • Potency related to age of parent MSC


Influence Growth of Target Cells

  • Influence Phenotype
  • Contribute to Cell Fate Decision
  • Promote Regeneration
  • Immunomodulation
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Anti-Fibrotic

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