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Progressive Medical Solutions is the leader in regenerative medicine stem cell products. Exoshot is one of the most effective products on the market. It is a placental mesenchymal stem cell derived exosome product that carries a milieu of newborn proteins that are anti-inflammatory and instantiate growth.

Most growth factors on the market are derived from bacterial or animal products. Our product is the only product with 100% human growth factors. There are no non-human products used in its production.


More than ever patients are educated and seeking alternatives. Offering the gold standard of Stem Cell therapy with Exoshot at your practice can result in practice growth and increased patient satisfaction. Physicians report that a wide variety of indications respond to our products. We look forward to bringing this new treatment methodology to your practice.


The following Exoshot products are available:

Exoshot2ML15mg equivalent to 5-7mm cells Neonatal MSC
Exoshot5ML6mg equivalent to 2-2.8mm cells Neonatal MSC
ExoshotML8mg equivalent to 2.8-3.7mm cells Neonatal MSC

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Progressive Medical Solutions is a medical service, marketing, and product company. We specialize in providing world-class ESWT patient acquisition tools, training, support, and marketing services for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and also regenerative medicine stem cell products.


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